my Compass - a device for determining direction

An always-on lifecycle resource for service members, veterans and their family members to discover, explore and develop education and career pathways to reinvent their future.

Connects users, academic institutions and employers to build Pathways to Success.

Discover, Explore & Reinvent how you can support our Nation's military community

Service   Members,   Veterans   and   Family   Members

Discover, Explore & Reinvent your future.



Your assets via My Story - a chronicle of professional, academic and personal accomplishments and significant events in your personal and professional development.

Education and career Pathways related to your MOS, training or other professional interests. Estimate prior learning credits, assess academic programs and in-depth information on careers, earnings, jobs; etc.





Your future by using your education benefits to get a degree for the career you want - review degree program requirements of academic institutions, see how your prior learning credits can help, contact an advisor and get started.

Convert My Story into a resume. Use the Career Center to search and apply for jobs and manage the job search process. Leverage agents to search and alert you to jobs.




Focused Counseling and Improved Outcomes yield a Higher ROI.

Enable game changing 24x7 Virtual Counseling for counselors to be significantly more effective, efficient and do more with less.

Focused Counseling


Improved outcomes


Better alignment of education and career pathways, granting of academic credits, etc. result in improved graduation and employment rates and career success.


Improved graduation and employment outcomes at a lower cost for a larger population served results in Increased ROI on Tuition Assistance and Post 9/11 GI Bill expenditures and reduced unemployment costs.

Return on Investment


Academic   Institutions

Inform, Engage & Enroll military community students.



Empower prospective students and their counselors with an "always-on" set of tools to discover, explore and find a best fit for a career; address the specific needs and issues of military community students - maximize credits for prior learning and military experience; paying for college; etc.

Rapidly engage prospective students in a virtual and one-on-one dialog to enable informed decisions; enable estimation of credits for prior learning and experience to accelerate degree completion; illustrate using benefits and financial aid to pay for college; and finally explore jobs and earning potential.





Make it easy to enroll. Dialog enables rapid, informed decision making based on all the information exchanged with the student.


Provide a set of tools for students to stay engaged in career development; enable partnerships and visibility with employers; remain connected with you as alumni and encourage them to return and further advance and evolve their education and careers.




Partner, Connect & Recruit Our Heroes.



Highlight your support by partnering with academic institutions to connect and engage with veterans and their family members; participate in the Career Center and increase your visibility to and with veterans

Post your open positions and identify equivalent or relevant military occupations to connect with qualified veterans; search for and connect with candidates with career and education pathways of interest to your company; create a pipeline of talent.





Actively recruit and hire veterans or other students from the military community; take advantage of the personal skills, experience and character-building imparted by military training and experience.

Leverage your partnerships with institutions to enable continued professional development and training.



Bringing it all together to put you in control


Indtai looks forward to working with academic institutions, employers and employer groups, government agencies and philanthropic organizations who wish to serve our Nation's military community.

Please contact us so that we may help you.

Discover, Explore & Reinvent how you can support our Nation's military community